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Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community TransformationPeacemaking & Community Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean when you say 'restorative'?

I have many tools in my tool belt to help my clients find peace, communicate more effectively with one another, and strengthen their relationships. One of those tools is restorative processes, which is a set of principles and values that is centered on high support and high accountability, focuses on building relationships, and preventing and repairing harm. You can read a lot more about restorative processes in my resources section.

What is a circle like?

A restorative circle, or community building circle, is a singularly different experience each time, but there is a common framework and set of expectations. I wrote an article on my LinkedIn about what it's like to be in a circle. Check it out!

Do you provide services outside of southern california?

I am happy to travel for speaking and coaching, and I also offer online services. 

are you a therapist?

I am not a licensed therapist, and do not provide therapy. I do enjoy offering referrals to clients if they are in need of therapy services, or any other service I feel would be helpful but cannot provide. Many of my services are therapeutic and healing, and work very well in concert with traditional therapy where needed. 

What is the price range of your services?

I don't post my prices as they are subject to change. I do offer packages with set prices, and will happily share those in a brief consultation or email exchange, but due to the high demand for client-

focused customizations, lots of changes can happen before an agreement is reached. I work very hard to make my services affordable, valuable, and sustainable.