Ashley McGuire

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community TransformationPeacemaking & Community Transformation

About Ashley


My passion is to help people rebuild relationships and discover more joy in their lives. We all deserve healthy relationships, we all flourish when we each are supported and valued, we just need the right tools to make it happen. 

My role is as an educator and coach, to help my clients define and achieve their goals, to deepen social / emotional skills, and strengthen their community. All of my services are customized with your comfort, values, and desired outcomes as guideposts.

I have been honored to serve families, businesses, and schools for nearly two decades in Southern California. My school programs, workshops, and coaching have reached over 30,000 people so far! Each and every program is focused on the goal of spreading peace, resolving conflicts, and building healthy relationships, and it has been amazing to see the effects of this intentional work.

My story includes trauma, struggle, significant harm, success, kindness, and unconditional love. Through it all I have remained curious, always seeking to learn from each challenge or celebration. With love as a guiding principle, I have found wonderful and effective ways to foster peace and I would love to share these with you.

I create uniquely transformative experiences by engaging my expertise in restorative justice, education, management, facilitation and coaching, social emotional skill-building and strategic play. Explore the photo gallery below for a glimpse into some of the work I do!

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