Ashley McGuire

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community TransformationPeacemaking & Community Transformation

Community • collaboration • creativity • safety

When leadership and team members all have the skills 

to solve problems together, respect one another, 

value one another, and work toward the same vision, 

you have serious synergy. Discover the power of 

building a restorative work space.

For Business and Organizations


What would help your team the most right now?

resolving Team conflicts & toxic cultures

Something happened at work. Someone is upset, there has been harm, teams aren't working together, and productivity is suffering. Friction is festering and morale is low. You care about your team, and you have to care about the bottom line. Something needs to change, and fast.

I can help you address acute issues in your team. I'll guide you to work quickly and safely through challenges you're having, create an action plan to repair harm, and build skills to help prevent future conflict. My coaching and transparent guidance will help you strengthen communication, rebuild collaboration, and resolve conflict...skills that have a positive effect on all relationships.

BREAKING DOWN WALLS & evolving team communication

Your team is doing alright, chugging along and getting the job done. You'd like to offer them a new experience and some powerful skills to get everyone to the next level. What can your team accomplish if they are connected and collaborative? What can they accomplish if they love coming to work and enjoy working with one another?

My on-site workshops and customized experiences tap into your team's unique culture to help you elevate your creativity, strengthen your communication, and deepen your sense of community. I'll get to know your specific needs and desired outcomes, and create a powerful  program that meets you where you are and gets you where you want to go. 

restorative leadership development

You are a visionary leader and you know the old ways don't work anymore. You're ready to evolve your leadership and your organization and discover what you're capable of. 

Restorative leadership is a model that recognizes the inherent wisdom of the community, delivers high support for its team members, holds all members accountable, and strives to establish conditions for collective well-being. Under restorative leadership, systems feel natural and have a flow, the team feels empowered and invested, and you feel relaxed, capable,  successful, supported, and focused. 

I'll work one-on-one with you, in a variety of settings and a variety of experiences, utilizing a wide range of tools to support your personal and professional goals. I'll help you find additional resources if you need them, and create measures of success so you can see your progress. Together we'll design the program that fits you and your goals best.