Ashley McGuire

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community TransformationPeacemaking & Community Transformation

Peace • connection • trust• safety

I have trained thousands of educators, students, and parents, and have developed a powerful array of tools and curriculum to provide answers for lots of situations. My programs meet you where you are and get you where you want to be. 

For Educators, Students, & Parents


What would help your school community most right now?

experiential training services for admin & educators

You know about restorative justice and restorative processes, and your teaching team is ready and eager to learn. You are excited to transform your school's culture and reach beyond ineffective punitive measures for more creative and sustainable solutions. 

My training programs are transformational, uniquely experiential, and have lasting benefits in and out of the classroom. While working with you I’ll be focused on your team’s well-being and ability to implement principles and processes immediately.

Parent & community engagement

You need your parent community to be involved in your school and in their child’s education. You want to strengthen the bonds between parents, teachers, and administration, and help everyone realize they are on the same team. You also want to provide a meaningful experience and empowering information for parents to help strengthen the overall community around the school. 

My parent engagement programs will support your goals and bring your families together in powerful and playful ways. Let’s work together to determine your specific community challenges to find the perfect program. All ages assemblies, parent education presentations, and community building circles are just some of the ways I can help your community connect!

student-centered services

You‘re looking for support for your students. You want to help them communicate better, solve problems more effectively, and be able to focus better at school. You’d like to provide them an experience that really speaks to them, that gets them into a zone of enthusiastic and engaged learning and boosts their social and emotional skills.

I have been developing playshops, workshops, camps, classes, and assemblies for K-12 for over 20 years. Many people have called me a “kid whisperer.” I love tapping into this ability to connect with students and help them learn powerful new skills through play. Let’s chat about what would be best for your kids!