Ashley McGuire

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community Transformation

Peacemaking & Community TransformationPeacemaking & Community Transformation

Joy • Connection • love• peace

True peace begins at home, in our most personal relationships. Clear out the clutter of anger, 

resentment, frustration, and pain. 

Bring in the power of connection, heal from harm, 

and build a brighter future together.

For Couples and Families


What might serve you and your family the best right now?

Communication coaching and empowerment

Home and family should be our sanctuary, the place where we can feel completely supported and safe. Unfortunately lots of things can get in the way of that, like trauma and old wounds, poor communication skills, stress, and the feeling that you just can never see eye to eye. 

If your home isn't your sanctuary, you're not alone, but you can find peace, with your partner, your children, your parents, or any member of your family with whom you are struggling.

I offer warm, comforting, and expert guidance through challenging conversations so that you can find the peace you need and deserve, rejuvenate passion and joy, learn to effectively communicate with one another, and build a strong foundation for the future. 

whole-family coaching

We dream of our perfect family and imagine the joy and beauty of being parents, then reality hits: caregivers disagree about discipline, kids exhibit unexpected behaviors, trauma happens, daily stress takes its toll. Our perfect picture is shattered and we need help making a new one.

Get the whole family on the same page and working together toward a more peaceful and productive lifestyle. Make useless and harmful arguments a thing of the past and learn how to effectively communicate with one another - at all ages and stages.

I have years of experience working with children of all ages, with myriad abilities, sensitivities, and behaviors, and a unique ability to help people who love one another find common ground and create peace. 

Commitment & Marriage Prep

Is your relationship amazing? Are you looking toward a bright future together? Give your communication and conflict resolution skills a boost with coaching that will give you skills for all the years you'll be together. Start strong, stay strong.

I love working with couples who are at the start of a new life together! I'll work with you to help you identify shared values and goals, help you connect through meaningful play and effective communication, and give you a jumpstart on an incredible life together. This commitment gift will keep on giving for many years and many generations.